In December 2014, our son, Jansen, suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by shaken baby syndrome. Doctors were so negative about his outcome and told us to terminate him. The doctor's unemotional conclusion for him was to never come off his ventilator, would never know the world around him, and would never respond to his environment. They labeled him permanently unconscious, which is defined: An incurable and irreversible condition in which the individual is medically assessed as having no reasonable probability of recovery from an irreversible coma or a permanent vegetative state. We were beside ourselves. Trying to understand and grasp exactly what we were told, we quickly started our internet searching. We came across an article by CNN of a teenage boy with very similar medical conclusions, who made a remarkable recovery credited to the use of fish oil. Our hospitalist after making the statement, "I give my kids fish oil, but they still forget their backpacks!", was willing enough to call the pharmacy and come up with a submerging dose to start. Benefits were noticed. We were also privileged to get a spirited loving boy for a roommate, with a spirited and loving mother. Conversations with her lead to even more of a hunger to consider alternatives. When we came home from the hospital, we found some online support groups and in those, people talked about different things they tried that worked and didn't. This lead to more internet searching and soon after, to an intense Physical Therapy camp using a sensory input and strengthening body suit. It did not stop there. Through the years of searching we have found many alternatives.

This all has lead us to the desire of opening a wellness center here in Owensboro, KY. We would really love to share all we have learned these last few years to our community and even further out. We would like to reach as many people as possible by offering a variety of services in hopes that at least one will fit into their means.

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