Meet the family behind Free Your Mind Body and Soul Wellness

Meet the family behind Free Your Mind Body and Soul Wellness

In December 2014, our son, Jansen, suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by shaken baby syndrome. Our doctors were not hopeful, and recommended that we take him off of life support. They told us he would never breathe without a ventilator, and that he would never know the world around him or respond to his environment. Our son was labeled permanently unconscious, an incurable and irreversible condition in which an individual is medically assessed as having no reasonable probability of recovery from a coma or permanent vegetative state.

We were beside ourselves as we tried to understand what we had been told. We started internet searching, looking for anything we could find that would give us more information than our doctors' unemotional recommendation. We came across an article by CNN of a teenage boy whose diagnosis was very similar to Jansen's and had made a remarkable recovery credited to the use of fish oil. We brought our findings to the doctors, who responded, "I give my kids fish oil, but they still forget their backpacks!" Regardless, they were willing to call the pharmacy and come up with a submerging dose for Jansen to start.

We noticed benefits and were hopeful that this could work. During this time, Jansen shared a room with a spirited, loving boy with an equally amazing mother. Conversations back and forth with her led us to consider even more medical alternatives that could help our son. When we came home from the hospital, we sought out online support groups, where members talked about their experiences, solutions that worked and others that didn't. Many internet searches later, we enrolled Jansen in an intense, Physical Therapy camp that used sensory input and a strengthening body suit.

Our efforts to find a way to help our son didn't stop there, and throughout years of searching we've found many alternatives to the doctors' original recommendation. This has led me to open a wellness center here in Owensboro, KY. I am proud of what I've learned and wish to share my knowledge with the community and those outside of it. My goal is to reach as many individuals as possible, in the hopes that they find at least one service that can fit their needs.

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