Other Services

Dry Body Brushing

Dry body brushing method is a quick and easy detox technique with amazing health benefits. This simple, routine invigorates all the major systems of the body including the lymph, circulatory, nervous and digestive, as well as, stimulates all the major organs. It is a form of gentle pressure and stroking that encourages the skin to eliminate toxins by dramatically increasing blood flow to the surface. Dry body brushing exfoliates dead skin cells while reducing the appearance of cellulite, as well as, toning and tightening the skin leaving it wonderfully soft to the touch.

This amazing health and beauty routine has been practiced for years in Eastern Medicine and is used in world class spas, holistic healing centers and most recently cancer treatment clinics all over the globe.

Dry brushing takes less than 15 minutes to cover the whole body. The session will include a brush to take home, and education on dry brushing at home. After brushing, lotion will be provided to help seal in and restore moisture.

Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration machine training triggers almost 100% of the muscle fibers to be utilized. This improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and metabolism. Whole body vibration machines stimulate muscles which will pump blood into the smallest capillaries of the body. This allows the cells to receive fuel more rapidly and causes waste products to be disposed of much faster. Also, by enhancing your local circulation they help to build a stronger immune system. The whole-body vibration machine builds bone density, fights osteoporosis, and reduces back and joint pains.

The whole-body vibration machine can help with reducing high blood pressure, reducing recovery time after workouts, increase flexibility, improve sense of balance and coordination, alleviate stress, help fight insomnia, provide health benefits for diabetes, and so much more.

Imagine building bone density, increasing muscle strength, improving flexibility, and coordination, all while completing a low-impact fitness routine for as little as 10 minutes a day.

Chi Machine

The Original Chi Machine is the result of 38 years of medical and scientific research by renowned Japanese scientist, Dr. Shizou Inoue. He invented the Chi Machine to enable the human body to gently sway from side to side in a figure of eight, the same way a goldfish would swim or a dog would wiggle on its back, with absolutely no pressure or stress to the body as in traditional forms of exercise where the body is normally erect.

In 15 minutes or less, the chi machine temporarily relieves minor muscle aches, pains, and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. It also increases local blood circulation and oxygen, relaxes muscles locally, stimulates the lymphatic system which promotes elimination of metabolic waste and toxins, promotes lymph drainage, promotes healthy back support, helps with mental focus and physical energy, induces alpha waves of relaxation in the brain coupled with stimulation of the spine's autonomic nervous system, provides a unique experience, enhances meditation, and so much more.